How to be a good neighbour during this pandemic

During lockdown, we are all having to spend more time than usual in our homes. We all need to be mindful and show considerations to our neighbours. We have put together a few simple tips on how you can be a good neighbour during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Talk to you neighbours from a distance
Just talking, can make a huge difference to how you feel during lockdown. Have a chat to your neighbour over the fence or across your balcony if you can, even if you haven’t done so before. We are all in this together – but remember to keep to the government guidelines for social distancing and stay at least 2-metres apart.

Talk to family and friends virtually
If you have a smartphone, apps such as FaceTime, Skype and WhatsApp allow you to make video calls using your home internet connection, at no extra charge. There are various other apps that allow for bigger groups to video chat and play games together.

Use local social media groups, such as Facebook and WhatsApp
There are various local groups across social media platforms that you can join, to stay updated and share any news in your local area. These can also be used if you or somebody you know need support in your area.

Ask your neighbour if they need something during your trip to the shops
Whether your neighbour is vulnerable or not, if you’re heading out to do some shopping, maybe you could pick up a few essentials for them too. The less people that leave their homes, the better, so we should all try to help each other. 

Be mindful of your actions 
Please be considerate and ensure your actions do not disturb your neighbours. The volume of music, the times that you are doing any DIY and spending time in the garden or on balconies can disrupt others near us if we are not considerate. Avoid bonfires - Coronavirus is known to cause serious respiratory problems, which could be made much worse with exposure to smoke from bonfires.

Be a little more tolerant during this time 
With summer approaching, and more of us forced to stay at home, there will be more noise from children playing in their garden, or neighbours using this time to do some DIY. Try to be more tolerant of them. 

Clean up after yourself
Litter is always an issue, but during this time, our cleaners are focusing on keeping communally used items clean - such as door handles and handrails, picking up glass and cleaning bins. If you’ve been in a communal area, or taken your daily walk, please take any litter home with you.

Don’t dump bulky waste
We’re seeing an increase in bulk rubbish in communal areas. Please be considerate to your neighbours and don’t leave dumped items for others to clear up. Dumped items cause a health and safety risk for you and your neighbours, especially at this time. It’s difficult for us to get out and clear it quickly, as we are prioritising emergencies and vulnerable residents.

Take some time out, for you
We are all spending a lot more time with our household than ever before. Remember to take some time out for yourself. Spend some time away from the children or your partner, in a separate room, so you can collect your thoughts. Reassure them it doesn’t mean you don’t love them; you just need some time alone.

Plan what to do when this is over
Maybe think about what could be done once lockdown is lifted. Could you hold a community get-together or a street party?  This could give you and your neighbours something to think about and look forward to.

Neighbour disputes
It can be stressful being cooped up at home, and this can lead to people arguing more, and behaving in ways that would be unacceptable at any other time. If you do find yourself in a situation where your neighbours are not being considerate, try to talk to them and resolve the issue without conflict, they may not realise their actions are causing a nuisance. (but if you do speak to your neighbour, maintain 2m distance).  If you cannot resolve the issue yourself, you can find information about anti-social behaviour on our website here.

Mental health during lockdown
Having to stay at home for a prolonged period can be isolating. It’s important to take care of your mental health and wellbeing during the lockdown. For more information on mental wellbeing while staying at home, please visit the NHS website here.

Anti-social behaviour
If you are a victim or witness of anti-social behaviour report to Raven through: Customer Services on 0300 123 3399 , email or online using our Anti-Social reporting tool.

Call 999 If there is a risk to life or property call 999 If there is no risk to life then report it via 101, online to your police force or to a registered social landlord or local authority