Core Purpose & Values

Our Purpose: Building Homes, Changing Lives

We are a social business, investing in homes and lives across Surrey and Sussex to create flourishing communities.

Our Values

The decisions we make, and the actions we take will be tested against our values of:

  • Understanding - we seek to understand by listening, not judging, getting to the heart of things by considering all the facts and evidence – with respect and offering genuine empathy.
  • Inspirational - being creative in developing solutions, for customers as well as ourselves, whilst demonstrating a strong sense of belief in the ‘art of the possible’. Positive affirmation in developing people to be the best they can be.
  • Responsible - being a strong local presence, rooted in the community for the long-term, that takes ownership and is fully accountable for quality, cost effectiveness and on time delivery – ‘deliver to promise vs promise to deliver’.