Purpose, Vision & Values

Our Purpose: Building Homes, Changing Lives

In turbulent times, Raven’s purpose remains clear and resolute; we don’t just build houses, we build homes. In doing so we provide services that change lives.

Our Vision

We believe that having a good quality, affordable home makes a huge difference to people’s lives and that creating social value is an important part of our work.

We will ensure all our residents are connected to services they value and trust; services that work alongside them, saving them time, giving them options, and helping them enjoy their homes. 

Our mission is urgent so we are both relentless, and exceptionally good at:

  • Understanding what our residents really need and how best to equip our teams to meet those needs
  • Making improvements at pace; and
  • Building a lot more homes

We know our vision to give our residents a louder voice, to innovate, and to make the best use of new technology, will inspire others and we want them to come and work with us as part of our team or as a partner, so we can to do more together than we can alone.

We are Raven and we are proud to put our residents at the heart of everything we do.

Our Values

How we deliver on our vision is important to us, and we commit to living our four values in both our decisions and actions:

  • Trust - we earn trust by being open and accountable
  • Understand - we seek to truly understand others’ needs before we act
  • Collaborate to Innovate - we collaborate with colleagues, customers, and partners to develop innovative services
  • Care - we come to work because we care about providing good quality, affordable homes and services to those that need them. We believe we can make tomorrow better than today