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What is it?

Solar PV (Solar Photovoltaics) is the generation of electricity using energy from the sun. Modern solar panels produce electricity from daylight and do not require direct sunlight, although more electricity is produced on bright, sunny days.

Solar PV panels are normally mounted on the roof of your building although they can also be placed on the ground when a suitable roof is not available.

Solar PV panels contain no moving parts, are low maintenance and only require regular cleaning.

A device called an inverter changes the electricity produced by the panels into ‘useable’ electricity that can then be directed to power appliances in your home during daylight hours.

Any excess electricity produced can be sent back to your electricity supplier, who will pay you for it.

Solar PV panels

  • contain no moving parts
  • are low maintenance
  • only require regular cleaning

How it works

  • The sun’s energy is converted into voltage by solar panels
  • An inverter converts this voltage into ‘useable’ electricity
  • A generation meter records production
  • The electricity generated is used for household appliances during the day
  • Any unused power is sold back to the household’s electricity supplier


Raven Renewables are accredited installers of solar PV panels.

We work with housing associations, local authorities, non-profit organisations, institutional investors, developers, contractors, private landlords and individual homeowners.

Solar PV is an excellent solution for:

  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Cost-effectively increasing the property’s Energy Performance Certificate rating – all social housing properties need to meet the target of ‘C’ by 2030
  • All electric, rural properties where gas isn’t available
  • Cutting electricity bills – delivering savings up to £600 a year per property for residents, helping them address the cost of living crisis and keeping them out of fuel poverty.

The best approach to solar PV installation depends on the individual property and a tailored solution should be developed for maximum energy saving results.

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Considerations when installing solar PV:

The position that maximises the energy collected by a solar panel in the UK is facing south and tilted at an angle of 35 degrees from the horizontal. It is at this location that your panels will receive the maximum sunlight throughout the day.

If your roof does not face the right direction, then surface-mounted panels or pole-mounted panels may be more effective. The further the panel moves away from due south, the more the annual energy production will fall.

Solar PV panels are considered ‘permitted developments’ and often don’t require planning permission.

However, exceptions apply and it’s best to ask your local planning office for guidance. If you live in a listed building, conservation area or national park, additional restrictions may apply.

You may require structural investigations as the panels will increase the load on the roof and may have an impact on your home’s structure

Solar batteries are worth investing in as they allow you to store the electricity generated by your solar panels so that it can be used at night. A solar battery will typically last between 10–15 years.

Solar PV panels require low maintenance and are made to last for years. However, regular servicing by a specialist can identify any problems, saving you money on repair and maintenance costs. Scheduled maintenance will ensure panels are performing at maximum capacity.

Raven Renewables is an end-to-end service. Except form design and installation, we are offering service and maintenance to ensure that the renewable energy installed is running properly and effectively with high standards.

Smart Export Guarantee (SEG): Earn money for exporting the renewable electricity generated by your solar panels up to 5MW.

Home Upgrade Grant (HUG): Local authorities can access grants to support low income households by upgrading the energy efficiency of properties off the gas network in England.

Local Authority Delivery scheme (LAD): aims to raise the energy efficiency of low income and low energy performance homes with a focus on energy performance certificate (EPC) ratings of E, F or G.

Energy Company Obligation (ECO): A government energy efficiency scheme in Great Britain to tackle fuel poverty and help reduce carbon emissions. Under ECO, medium and larger energy suppliers fund the installation of energy efficiency measures in households.

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