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Raven Renewables are here to help housing associations deliver their own net zero strategies and reduce energy bills.

As a designer and installer of renewable energy technologies, we can create the best and most complete solution for each home, rather than only offering one renewable energy source.

Why change is needed?

Property emissions are one of the largest contributions to climate change in the UK, mainly from gas boilers used for heating and hot water systems.

The UK government has set a clear and challenging goal to meet net zero by 2050. To achieve this, housing associations need to work alongside the government to eliminate their emissions and improve their energy performance.

By 2030, all social housing properties will be required to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of C or above to mitigate the emissions and be resilient to climate change.

How we can help?

Raven Renewables are on the same journey by retrofitting 6,000 of our own homes. This will have a significant impact on carbon emissions, providing a more affordable and energy efficient living environment for residents with the advantage of government support and financial incentives.

Backed by Raven Housing Group – our services are delivered by the same qualified workers as our parent company, so customers can trust us.

Contact us today to find out what financial incentives are available to help your home become net zero carbon by sending us an email at

Raven Renewables:

  • Operate under strict guidelines, regulations and governance
  • Are MCS, RECC and Trustmark accredited
  • Undertake full DBS checks to personnel
  • Offer dependability with solid financial package
  • Ensure high quality standards

Why use Raven Renewables?

  • We have a close understanding of working with vulnerable people
  • We implement monitoring systems for our services, ensuring minimum disruption
  • We know your vertical and are going through the same changes
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Our business is built around the foundation of social good. So everything we do helps to improve homes and change lives with all profits reinvested to grow our social housing offer.  Profits are not recycled to shareholders.

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