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Why use renewable technologies?

  • To reduce end users’ energy bills
  • To reduce your housing scheme’s carbon footprint
  • To comply with local planning conditions
  • To meet renewable energy requirements
  • To get ahead of the curve as more regulations and targets come into force

Raven Renewables can help you deliver net zero carbon developments with tailored, value for money renewable energy solutions.

  • We are MCS, RECC and Trustmark accredited
  • We have resilient supply chains
  • We are partnered with three of the top heat pump suppliers in Samsung, Mitsubishi and Daikin
  • We offer end-to-end approach by bringing in renewable energy solutions
Solar PV house
As a designer and installer of renewable energy solutions we can create the best solution for each property rather than only offering one renewable energy source.

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Raven Renewables:

  • Offer reliable installation and service
  • Are able to deliver your development on time
  • Fit in with the build programme, offering scale and value

Why use Raven Renewables?

  • We offer future servicing as necessary
  • We can design systems for both residential and commercial buildings
  • We work with structural engineers to ensure building structures are suitable for solar panels
  • We can incorporate full heating systems into ‘first and second fix’ build stages
Solar installation
Our business is built around the foundation of social good. So everything we do helps to improve homes and change lives with all profits reinvested to grow our social housing offer. Profits are not recycled to shareholders.

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