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Making the difference – our strategic plan 2022-24

Our vision is to excel at delivering easy to use, valued, and trusted services to our customers, alongside more high quality, sustainable, and affordable homes in resilient communities. We have six outcomes driven by our vision and an action plan has been drawn up to achieve these:

  1. To provide easy to use, valued and trusted services
  2. To provide more homes
  3. To ensure our homes are high quality, sustainable and affordable
  4. To develop resilient communities
  5. To improve value for money
  6. To create a ‘better together’ environment for our staff.

Our strategy sets out how we will do this and is underpinned by our values which will ensure its delivery and success. It is the result of a collaboration between our Board, customers and staff. Click the button below to download our strategic plan 2022-24:

Strategic plan 2022-24 (PDF)

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