About Raven

Respecting difference

Raven is committed to fairness and equality for all. We operate with professionalism, integrity and openness

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Our aim is to make sure no one who uses our services suffers any form of unfair disadvantage, either directly or indirectly. This applies to all our service users, our staff, members of our Board, contractos and other agents and agencies involved with us.

We do this by:

  • making sure bias and prejudice don't exist
  • making sure difference don't restrict opportunities
  • recognising that everyone is different

We want to make sure equality and diversity exists and thrives in everything we do - in our activities as a landlord, an employer and a business.

Our equality and diversity policy

Our policy on equality and diversity is the way we make sure fairness exists in all aspects of our work and that everyone who comes into contact with us is treated equitably and with respect. 

Our policy  

Who are Raven staff? 

Demographic overview of Raven staff

We will eliminate direct and indirect discrimination, whether intentional or unintentional.