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Raven holds the freehold or a leasehold interest on about 950 homes. As the freeholder Raven is responsible for managing the repair and investment work its properties. The cost of these is recharged to the homeowner proportionately to the total cost for the block. In the case of homes where Raven holds a head lease the ultimate freeholder will be responsible for doing the relevant works. Apart from this distinction the processes are essentially the same.

Raven has a dedicated home ownership team known as HOT which manages its homeownership homes.  Click here for more information on the team.

Raven publishes a Handbook for Homeowners. This is currently the entitled leaseholders handbook but is being updated to reflect the different forms of tenure falling under the homeownership remit. It can be downloaded by clicking on the link. It can be searched by typing key words into the find option located on the tool bar.

Homeownership Forum (click for more information)

A warm welcome to all Homeowners from me, Tricia Brennan, resident chair of the Homeownership Forum.

Did you know that we homeowners form only 15% of Raven’s entire community? Could this be why I hear many homeowners complain they feel their voice counts for little? My aim as chair of the homeownership forum is to change this view by being proactive and raising your image within Raven.

Forum meetings are a place to raise issues, discuss ideas for improvements to services and to your environment and get feedback from other committees. To date many changes have been made:

  • the homeowners’ handbook is being rewritten with input from homeowners
  • better lines of communication have been established
  • challenges are now encouraged and resolved more effectively
  • there is better communication around planned major works, giving homeowners advanced information to help with financial planning
  • an initiative about the cost of bulk item removal is about to be circulated for consultation
  • email and online communication is used more
  • debt collection has improved so that those who pay do not subsidise those who do not; payment can now be made using internet banking

All Forum meetings take place at 7.30pm in the board room at Raven House.

Dates of Future Meetings

  • 23 January 2014
  • 17 April 2014
  • 17 July 2014
  • 16 October 2014

Minutes from the last meeting on the 17 October 2013 can be found here.

Change can happen
When more people ask for improvements to the way services are provided and more pressure is applied. To this end we need as many homeowners to attend the forum meetings, be part of other committees, express ideas and help ideas for your desired living environment to come to fruition.

Service charges

Homeowners are responsible for paying service charges for the services Raven provides. These include day-to-day maintenance and cleaning as well as planned maintenance works. Service charge estimates are issued in March each year and the reconciliation of the actual spend to the estimate is done by the September in the following year. Invoices for day-to-day maintenance and other services are issued every six months or such different a time as is determined by the lease or shared ownership contract.


HOT and Asset Management colleagues will consult with homeowners over planned maintenance work where the charge is likely to exceed £250 before the work commences. Raven will arrange and manage the work but homeowners are ultimately responsible for paying for it.

You can contact HOT by emailing

Alternatively, you can call the HOT line on 01737 272566 to discuss payments, service charge queries, general queries or disputes.

Representation on the Raven's Board

Three places on the Raven's Board are reserved for residents who are elected to the board by fellow residents. One of these three places is a dedicated homeowner board member. The current homeowner board member is Ben Meredith. To find out more about Ben and other members of Raven's Board click here

Leaseholder Advisory Service

A government funded service which provides free and impartial advice to leaseholders. For more information visit their website -

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