Get Involved

Get Involved

........and make a difference! 

Raven actively promotes, supports and encourages residents to get involved and have a say in how we provide and deliver services. We believe that working in close partnership with residents is the most effective way to ensure delivery of high quality, value for money services and to improve our accountability to residents.

We welcome anyone who would like to get involved. Let us know how you would like to get involved and which particular area you would like to influence by looking at the different resident involvement groups on the left.


We are Recruiting NOW!

Raven needs the insight that only our residents can give us to shape our services. We are looking for volunteers for two of our key resident groups that help Raven improve services and make business decisions.


Falcon, Raven’s strategic residents’ group, works alongside Raven’s board and senior management team, meeting ten times per year.

  • Acts as Raven’s main consultative body for strategic decisions

  • Helps with business planning

  • Receives feedback from residents who have participated in consultation and satisfaction research

  • Have discussions around budgets

If you are interested in this opportunity, please use our online sign-up form.


Scrutiny Panel 

Raven’s Scrutiny Panel is a group of residents responsible for ensuring Raven is providing the best service to residents through reviews of Raven service areas.

The Scrutiny Panel:

  • Decides what Raven services need to be scrutinised

  • Collects and examines evidence, and makes recommendations for improvements from the customers perspective

  • Acts as a critical friend to Raven

  • Reports recommendations to Raven and the Audit Committee

  • Shares results with Raven residents

If you are interested in this opportunity, please use our online sign-up form.