Residents and Homeowners

About our sheltered services

Raven owns 20 sheltered housing schemescouple in douglas house garden, with mainly one bedroom flats although there are some two bedroom flats, bedsits and and bungalows. Raven also owns and manages three leasehold schemes for retired people, who buy 80% of the equity of either flats or bungalows. Leasehold sheltered flats or bungalows are sold on the open market.

Our sheltered schemes are not 'homes for old people', they are places where people over 55 come together to form a community. Residents live independently in their own homes with the safety net and support of a scheme manager. All schemes have a sheltered housing officer. 

To apply to live in one of our sheltered homes you should contact Reigate and Banstead Borough Council 01737 276000. 

Sheltered Saints Award

Our Sheltered Saints Award is a way we can show appreciation to residents of sheltered schemes for being good neighbours and going the extra mile. Winners get a £25 shopping voucher of their choice and the other nominees receive a letter of appreciation from Raven's chief executive.

Rated 'excellent' by Sheltered Housing Support Service

In May 2010 Raven's sheltered housing supporting people service received an overall A rating from Surrey County Council. This is an excellent rating and demonstrates the dedication and care of the Raven sheltered housing team and the good systems that we have put in place in recent years.  

Centre for Housing and Support Code of Practice

In 2010 Raven was accredited with The Centre for Housing and Support Code of Practice, a quality standard for long-term housing-related support services delivered to vulnerable people.

The code demonstrates that its housing-related support services are of the highest quality, person-centred and delivered consistently.  

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